Meet up with the North West Technical Communicators

I presented my talk at the North West Technical Communicators meet-up this week in Manchester at Madlab. What a fun night that turned out to be.

This was the same talk I gave at Newcastle in June, but the environment couldn’t have been more different. Whereas Newcastle was all pretty formal in our Sage headquarters, this was in a charity funded multi-purpose meeting facility. At Newcastle I stood in a fairly large meeting room, with about 40 chairs facing me; at Madlab, I was stood at a large table with 6 others sat around. Looking across the room to the front of the space, I could see through the old shop windows across to the bar outside, where people were enjoying after work drinks – I’m sure they were in a good position to see my slides as well.

So, it felt very much more casual. People were coming and going into the building. Walking past us to get to the more techie area behind my presentation screen – at one point, someone asked if they could raise my presentation screen as it was in danger of falling off the roll.

But it was good. This time around, I wasn’t so concerned with the expressions of the audience, and it was casual enough that a couple of people interrupted to make observations – I knew people were listening.

At the end, we all had stuff to talk about. Some of which was sparked off by presentation; some just from wanting to share experiences about life as a technical author.

I’m not sure what I might want to tweak for my final ‘performance’ in October. Hopefully, I’ll get a bit of feedback from some of the attendees this week.

MadLabUK Manchester – Main presentation area