A week in 5 things

  1. A big week as we released our new cloud service. This was the second cloud product I’ve worked on from scratch but a lot has changed in just a few years. The product was built on the Salesforce platform which meant lots of new challenges for the development team. Our major challenge as content designers is we don’t yet have context sensitive help in place.
  2. A chance to reflect on how well the user design team worked with the content designers. At every stage of the onboarding design, we were brought in to conversations and had ownership of the words. This was a great example of two complimentary disciplines working with synergy.
  3. I’ve spent more time doing what I love over the last few weeks, namely writing content, than I have in over a year. Truly has shown me that you can’t spend time in a job you’re not enjoying.
  4. Micro-content is a whole new thing that I’ve not had much to do with before. It’s quickly become one of my favourite things.
  5. Need to start thinking about translation. We have translation teams internally, but I know that as soon as we start translating, we’ll need tighter content control. Eek.