3 things this week Content Design

3 things this week

Stop press. I’ve got the central heating on.

  1. We’ve been given a couple of hours a week on a Thursday afternoon for professional development. This is just what I need right now. If you’re anything like me, you’ve signed up to more UX newsletters than you have time to read and they’re building up in your inbox. There’s generally plenty of good advice in the articles they link to, and you need time to go and explore.
    This time has given me the chance to catch up on a few emails, and read about five articles. I’ve taken notes on a few things I want to follow up on including the action to look at the possibility of adding more humour to our help content.
  2. Terminology is a hot topic across our Experience Design organisation and I’ve just been given a goal to try to solve this.
    The problem is we’re working so fast on new development of a new platform with many services interconnecting, and we need to agree on some common terms.
    What should be happening is the Content Designers should be taking a lead on this by being included in early kickoff meetings and collating terms into some central repository. This will ensure that everyone in Experience Design is consistent in their language and that will feed through to customers in the final designs.
    What’s actually happening is that the Content Designers haven’t been present at many of the design kick-offs so language is being developed with us to observe or steer. This is already leading to a ‘he who shouts loudest gets heard’ mentality.
    I’m working on this problem with the team’s user researchers to introduce a sensible customer focused approach that will be difficult for anyone to object to.
  3. I attended our company’s Accessibility Guild for the first time yesterday. The driver for this existing is HMRC need us to be AA WCAG compliant for any products that interact with HMRC services. As an Accounting software provider we have a few strategically important solutions that link to HMRC.
    It’s been great to see all the work we’ve been doing to make sure we’re compliant. An accessible website is accessible for anyone.