3 things this week

3 things this week

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  • Listened to a really interesting episode of the Reply All podcast. The hosts investigated the problem of a Mazda car stereo shutting down when it played the 99%Invisible podcast. Turns out that the stereo couldn’t cope with the %I in the title. When they spoke about content breaking the stereo I was delighted. Reminded me of the words on the inside of the ship in Before the Flood Doctor Who episode. It was the content there that was a problem.
  • Disappointed with some of the attitudes I’m seeing at the moment in our organisation. It seems that large orgs operate differently to small orgs when problems surface. Whilst I’m happy to get stuck in and do what I can, it irks me that we allow ourselves to get stuck in the same familiar messes. As a company we have a lot of retrospectives, and project post mortems, yet we don’t seem able to really embed those learnings. That feels like a whole blog post.
  • Went to Ikea. I think we’ve cracked how to not have a stressful time at Ikea. Make sure to eat beforehand. It’s very easy to get hangry otherwise whilst lost in the maze. Loved this feedback sign at the exit. It’s asking a very specific question with very obvious answers. We are still using NPS in our company and now that I’ve read a bit more into NPS, it makes me want to scream at whoever continues to facilitate this god-awful measure.
The Ikea queue time feedback machine
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