3 things this week

3 things this week

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  1. So glad it’s Friday. Worked last week but at home, and only had to go into the office on Wednesday and Friday, but long commutes home on both of those days has knocked me back. Much sooner do a 3 hour run than sit in the car for 2 hours.
  2. It seems that content design is very much in demand at Sage. Our expertise is getting noticed (no doubt thanks to our fab team manager) and we’re getting asked to work on projects outside our scope. It would be good if the boss could just expand the team but for now it seems that we’re going to stay as we are and knock back any work that doesn’t fall into our explicit remit. This seems the sensible thing to do as we’re going to focus on depth rather than breadth.
  3. Had a good meeting about first time use and how we expose customers to new features. Within the team, we’ve already recognised that our release notes need a revamp both in terms of presentation and how we push them to customers. The designs I saw today look great. Very visual and engaging. I’ve promised to work closely with our UX designer on the wider aspect of promoting new features within the product as the customer stumbles across them, probably using tools already at our disposal like Pendo.
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