3 things this week

3 things this week

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  • When colleagues tell you that something is ‘just a quickie’ or ‘it will only take a moment’, they have no idea of what’s involved on your end. I’ve been asked to review 4 pages of a document that came from a ‘just a quickie’, and had to research terminology and best practice out of a ‘quick question’ request. The question or request may be quick but the work off the back of it is rarely so. Plus, if you have a few of these each day, it pulls you out of deep work and comes with a context switching cost.
  • Creating interview tasks is hard. Recruitment is hard. Feels like I should write a post about this.
  • Solution designers don’t always know what they’re asking for. Asking questions can get them to reveal the gaps in their understanding and ultimately lead both of you to a better solution.
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