3 things this week

3 things this week

I only need reading glasses at the end of the day or when I’m tired. This week has been so draining that I was finding it hard to focus by 2 pm today. Glad it’s Friday and I’ve got a couple of days to take stock.

Here are 3 things I thought I’d share.

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  • Copy docs were helpful this week as another team came on board to help our project. The new team’s UX Designer was happy to make changes to a Marvel prototype to share with development teams. I needed the copy doc to help me keep track of what content I’d suggested. Having new people work with an existing team on a project is stressful for everyone, so remembering to focus on the customer experience was a useful steer for me.
  • Things aren’t always going to go the way you want them. I’ve been in this company for 22 years and have learnt to handle change. On the flip side, we have people on my team who’ve been alive fewer years than I’ve worked here. Jeez, that makes me feel OLD. Part of being a team is knowing when and how to mentor the newbies.
  • Found a new tool called and have used it to mock up some screens to preview how content will look. I normally make cobbled together mockups in PowerPoint using the high fidelity wireframes provided by the UX Designer. A bit of copy and paste can get something looking half-decent. A problem with that method is if I share it with anyone on the team, they might not be sure if this is meant to represent the finished article or not. At least with a wireframe from whimsical, the design is clearly not a screen from the finished product. An example of how this can look is below.
Portfolio image. Mobile phone app with message about missed flight.
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