A week in 5 things

A week in 5 things

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Here’s 5 things from this week that I thought I’d share:

  1. I’m intrigued enough by the Everlast notebook by Rocketbook to seriously consider getting myself one for work. I do spend time at the end of the week taking my handwritten notes and transferring them to Onenote for safe storage. The Everlast notebook is made of special paper that can be wiped clean and reused. With an app that makes it super simple to scan your pages and send them to your preferred cloud storage, this sounds great.
  2. Recruit internally or externally? There’s a lot to be said for bringing in fresh blood to an organisation and a lot to be said for recruiting internally and taking advantage of a colleague’s familiarity with your organisation.
  3. I’m sat in the pool’s cafe waiting for my daughter’s swimming class to be finished. There are probably about 30 adults around me. Half of those are in endless scroll mode on their mobiles. Not sure what that says about them, or about me, come to that, for noticing.
  4. I had some time this week to work on some text for an onboarding wizard and found delight in such a simple task. Many organisations don’t encourage technical writers to get involved in UI wording, but at Sage, we’re an active part of the Experience Design team and own the text that we put in front of customers. Tom Johnson has a great article about the importance of text in user interfaces.
  5. Imposter Syndrome has always fascinated me. OK, maybe not fascinated, maybe more like terrified me. I spoke to a colleague this week and we agreed that often we find ourselves in work feeling like at any moment, we’re about to be tapped on the shoulder with the words, ‘The games up. We know you’re not really any good at this job.’
    I listened to the Self-publishing podcast this week and Katie Cross talks about her interest in the Imposter Syndrome. She’s even provided a handy handout on how to beat it. This is a subject I feel compelled to learn more about.
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