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Get the right people reviewing your work

Choose your reviewers carefully.

At the first sprint planning meeting, I was chuffed I had some User Assistance tasks added into the sprint backlog. It was a sign that we were integrating into the ways of the scrum. However, when it came to the reviewing task I’d asked to be added, I didn’t pay enough attention to the purpose of the task, and therefore might have got it assigned to the wrong person.

The point of the reviewing task at this stage of content development, where the user assistance is very bitty, is to ensure its technical accuracy. I’m going to be looking after style and grammar, so what I need is for someone to tell me that the program works as I’ve described.

My instinct was to assign this piece of work to a business analyst, as I¬†immediately¬†consider them to be the subject matter experts. And that’s true, when we’re dealing with software written from specs, or full topics. But, when all I’ve got is five sentences outlining a rudimentary procedure, all I need is for the developer to tell me that I’ve got it right.

So, I might have got this wrong, for this task. But, the beauty of planning in these two week sprints is I can learn from this mistake and pay more attention next time.

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