Personal Update

What next with the blog?

I’ve been mulling over what to use this platform for this last few days and then I started reading through some of the very old posts that I wrote as a technical author first starting out in different sprint teams.

And it was interesting.

Perhaps not interesting to other visitors, but for me, it was a reminder of how far we’ve come at Sage with technical writing.

My biggest concern has been—and this goes against a core principle of content design—not knowing who my audience is for this blog. Should I be trying to explain content design to readers or share my experiences in the job?

The older posts and the title of the blog itself has given me a gentle nudge. I’m finding benefit in sharing my experiences as they are. I’m not going to worry about whether the content is going to be educational in a formal sense. Instead, I’ll share experiences and let readers take what they will from it.

And if I ever get that book written, I’ll have a decent selection of content to choose from to include.