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Breaking the chain

Jerry Seinfeld offered some great productivity advice. Basically, if you want get better at something you need to practice every day. His craft was comedy and so he wrote jokes every day. His productivity system the simplest of tools: a large year wall planner. Every day he wrote, he crossed out the day on the planner. After a few days of watching the chain of days grow, your job becomes to ‘not break the chain’. Simple.

So, as a writer, the natural thing for me is to not miss a day writing. I haven’t got a wall planner but I’ve started using to achieve the same effect. But, you don’t need to use wall planners to get this effect. If you’re a blogger, you might want to blog every day about the skill you’re developing. Chris Strom achieved mastery over new development languages by blogging about it every day. He even got books published off the back of this.

I’m also using to write my morning pages, and that uses the motivation of ‘not breaking the chain’ to great effect.

I do like the idea of blogging about a subject to learn about it. I’ve so many things I want to learn in my job and personal life that I’m very much drawn to this idea. I’m going to go away and look to see which of these areas I could focus on.

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