can I do a week’s work in 4 hours?

No. But Tim Ferriss’s book – The 4-Hour Workweek has plenty of great ideas that I’ve already started to use after only taking two days to read.
I’m not planning to start my own business so chunks of the book are rather wasted on me but some of the things I’ve taken on board are:

  • It’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.I haven’t had an opportunity to use this yet but I know that in my job there’s bound to be ample opportunity.
  • Get yourself out the office and away from management control. I already do this two days a week and it’s great but what about taking more? I find that I am reluctant to work from home in case it upsets other people in the office – despite it suiting the way I work, and making me more productive.
  • Don’t plan to retire. Instead, take the things you might want to do when you retire, and spread them throughout your life when you’re best able to enjoy them.
  • On a similar theme, pull a bucket list together but don’t wait until you’re at death’s door to work your way through it. Do it while you’re fit and well.

I thought it was a great book. Lots in there to make me think about how i view my life and of those around me. I’m going to start work on a bucket list and see where that takes me.

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