chrome vs Internet Explorer – the rematch

I can’t seem to make my mind up.
I mentioned a while ago that due to some issues with some of the websites we use in work, I’d switched from using Chrome to using Internet Explorer. I was quite happy with this – for a time. Then recently, a few things have happened that have made me reassess this:

  • The sites that were causing a problem before, started working with Chrome.
  • Our IT department stopped blocking Dropbox. I was an avid user of dropbox for syncing my files between several computers. When IT blocked it, I switched to using Windows Live Mesh, which was OK, but it didn’t give me some of the features of Dropbox like iPhone access, or version control. Now that dropbox is available to me, I’ve no reason to use Windows Live Mesh (which was made easier when using Internet Explorer).
  • Google went mad and started refreshing all of the UI for their major products. I guess this would work OK in Internet Explorer but it was like a siren’s call bringing me back to the Google fold.

I feel a bit bad about leaving Internet Explorer behind, but it’s still a fair bit away from where Chrome is offering me.

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