I’ll update this as I find useful content. If you find any that you think should be added, please let me know via the Contact page and I’ll make sure to credit you accordingly.

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Online Groups

  • Microcopy and UX Writing – A Facebook community with over 6,000 members. The emphasis is very much on UX Writing but there is a great sense of people coming together to help support each other.
  • Daily UX Writing – A Facebook community with over 800 members. These will most likely have come from the group’s founder Ryan Farrell


  • – Need to do some screen mockups?
  • Daily UX Writing – The website to go with the Facebook group. Join the mailing list on this page to take part in the 15 day UX writing challenge. I promise you it’s time not wasted and can serve as the basis for you own portfolio. If you do start a portfolio off the back of this, you might want to give Ryan Farell and the website a mention.


  • Microcopy: The Complete Guide – A well-researched book with loads of examples from current websites and apps covering pretty much every element you would need to write microcopy for. An invaluable reference to keep handy when coming up with your own microcopy.


  • Google I/O: How Words Can Make Your Product Stand Out – An invaluable primer in UX Writing. If you watch nothing else, watch this, bookmark it, and take notes. You’ll want to come back to this. You might even want to share this with others in your business who might not recognise the importance of dedicated UX writers yet.


  • The Content Strategy Podcast – Listen on the way to the office to get you fully pumped for the day. Some wonderful interviews with representatives from companies as big as Microsoft and Dropbox.
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