3 things this week

3 things this week

Eek, summer’s here. The early mornings are getting me up and about but I’m super tired by the end of the day.

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Here’s 3 things that I thought I’d share.

  • Only two weeks left of the school year and my daughter will be finishing her first year of high school. Holy moly. That has gone so fast. This year at work has gone so fast. We’re beyond half way in 2019 and I don’t feel like I’ve done nearly enough to move the needle. I’ve just revisited some of my goals for the year and there are still two I’ve barely started. At this time, I like to double check and make sure they are still worth doing. In this case they are. And actually, there isn’t too much effort required to make a difference here. One of them requires a chunk of research so I’ve already started it. What I do find difficult is saying to the rest of the team in daily standups that I’m not working on the main project today because I’m working on one of my goals. I need to get over that.
  • I’ve been working on a content design dashboard and the early feedback from the team has been great. It’s been a niggle of mine for a while that we haven’t exactly been coached on transitioning from technical author to content designers and there are a lot of activities we should be doing now. The dashboard is a way to brainstorm ideas and also acts as a reference for key content design documents. I’m going to work on this a little more before sharing it here.
  • Gone back to basics with my bullet journal. A key part I wasn’t doing was daily rapid logging. I’d always just combined my weekly logs with my daily. This always meant I’d run out of room and the daily log became an irritating list of tasks rather than a mixture of tasks, reflection, and notes. I’ve spent a week doing rapid logging the recommended way and this week has been much better. I’m feeling more organised and less irritated if a planned task doesn’t happen on the day I’d originally set. If you’re into bullet journal but maybe you’re getting bogged down in the design of it rather than the functionality of it, take a look at this video.