End of first sprint

Last Wednesday marked the end of my first two week sprint on project A. What have I learnt?

  • This isn’t easy.
  • I realised towards the end of the sprint, that I needed to get my work written as quickly as I was able so I could hand it over to the reviewer. It wasn’t going to be acceptable to leave it until the last day.
  • I have a good idea of what the team is working towards, and I haven’t had to do any chasing to find this out; it’s happened naturally by me being present in the daily stand-ups and planning meetings.
  • I think the rest of the team have a greater understanding of the work that I do. For too long, there’s been an expectation that user assistance will always be ready in time for the release. Now, the team can see my build this up over the course of the project.
  • Not all project teams work in exactly the same way. Although the principles of Scrum are the same, how it’s actually implemented is slightly different. There are different tools being used to track team progress, and even when the same tools are being used, they’re using them in different ways.
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