Gears of my childhood

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Gears of my Childhood

I guess a lot of people might well have said that Lego was the object that influenced them the most in their childhood. I’m happy to be part of that crowd. Lego was a hugely influential part of my growing up and whenever I pick up pieces of Lego, my hands can’t stop snapping the little pieces of bumpy plastic together to create.
How has it influenced me though? Slightly trickier. When I was young, it was all about the instructions, and making the toy that the picture on the box told me I should be building. That gave a couple of days play before the toy was broken down and never reconstituted again. I took more delight in making models from the shows I used to watch at the time. I remember building Airwolf several times, as well as the Thundertank, and plenty of TARDISes. In fact, I built a couple of TARDIS interiors only last month with my children watching in disbelief at their intense daddy hunched over their Lego box, taking all the best bits.
But back to that question about how it has influenced me. I like to consider myself a creative person. Could hours spent constructing images from my mind and memory be in some way responsible for that? I’ve never been afraid to take something apart to attempt to get it working again. Whether that be a broken PC, or fixing the chicken shed. Maybe that’s part of the legacy it’s left me.
The Doctor’s TARDIS

The Master’s TARDIS
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