It's too easy to turn non-work into work if you let it

There’s a certain irony in that I’ve volunteered to run a workshop on productivity at work, when this weekend, I’ve taken a look at my task list and deemed it unacceptable.

The theme of my workshop definitely won’t be on how to get more done with your time as I’m more and more convinced that that way lies madness. Productivity for its own sake is a destructive exercise that ultimately serves no one apart from productivity gurus touting their wares. The focus has to be on making efficient use of the time you choose to spend on work, whilst remembering that you have a life outside of work that needs nurturing too.

We talk a fair bit about work-life balance and I think on the face of it, I’ve got this balance thing okay. But, then all I do is push myself to get more and more done with my non-work time, in effect taking all the play out of it, and turning it into more work.

This weekend, I came across Kim and Jason’s Escape Adulthood blog¬†and started to read their free ebook ‘There’s an adult in my soup’. This material really resonated with me today and certainly set some thoughts whirling away.

I’m not sure how that’s going to affect my week yet, but I feel that it’s going to have some impact.

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