Presenting at TCUK

In a couple of day’s time I’ll be presenting at TCUK, the annual conference for technical communicators.

I’ll be doing my talk: Beyond the comfort zone: today you will not be writing a help file.

I’ve presented this twice before, in different situations. This is most like the first, more formal, presentation, except this time, I suspect I’m going to be miked up. That should make me a bit less worried about projecting my voice, but I don’t think I really have a problem with that.

Mine’s not until Thursday which gives me tomorrow to see what the gig is with how long people are making their presentations, and whether we get miked or not. I was told 40 minutes, but then we need to leave time for plenty of questions, so does that mean I need to shorten it? It runs at 36 mins at the moment, but if I start talking very fast tomorrow, as I’m liable to do when I’m nervous, it will be shorter (obviously).

What’s the worst that could happen?

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